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Wednesday, 27 May 2020   7:37:20 AM (AEST)

Inc. No. A0062781D

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Past years' Member Payment Forms

If you are wondering what our membership subscriptions were over previous years, the following list may be of some interest. Remember only the Current Payment Form can be used.

Here's a list of recent year's membership payment forms in PDF format.

If you don't have Adobe Reader download it here... Download Adobe Reader

MembPayment 2019/20(245 KB) Current Payment Form
MembPayment 2018/19(245 KB)
MembPayment 2017/18(244 KB)
MembPayment 2016/17(244 KB)
MembPayment 2015/16(241 KB)
MembPayment 2014/15(232 KB)
MembPayment 2013/14(130 KB)
MembPayment 2012/13(255 KB)
MembPayment 2011/12(131 KB)
MembPayment 2010/11(75 KB)
MembPayment 2009/10(75 KB)
MembPayment 2008/9(28 KB)
MembPayment 2007/8(27 KB)
MembPayment 2006/7(24 KB)
MembPayment 2005/6(37 KB)
MembPayment 2004/5(37 KB)
MembPayment 2003/4(26 KB)
MembPayment 2002/3(26 KB)
MembPayment 2001/2(33 KB)
MembPayment 2000/1(20 KB)

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